Sunday, 5 August 2012

July Meeting and Leeds Flower Show 2012

 First up, Freda's progress with the daffodils

July's afternoon meeting was all about maps. Two people brought maps they had made, I'm sorry that I don't know who they belong to. The photographs are courtesy of Ruth

 Hilary brought her new jacket to the afternoon session and explained how she had made the border. She had also traced small portions of the AtoZ road atlas pertaining to each member of the branch and we all set to work embroidering our own portion of the map with wool in chain stitch. During the week Hilary stitched these together and the result was exhibited at Leeds Flower Show.

Part Two, the Flower Show

 Two of the Children's categories in the Art and Craft Hall where our stall was.

 Our Stall

 Catherine's patchwork

Margaret's embroidery

The Grey Squares and Debbie's necklace

There are other displays in the Arts and Crafts Hall

  Alwoodley Quilters

 Spinners of Aire

White Rose Lacemakers

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