Thursday, 26 July 2012

Regional Exhibition at Ripley

Carole's newsletter yesterday reminds me that I haven't posted the pictures of the Exhibition. So, here they are in no particular order, and with an apology that I took far fewer photographs than I thought at the time. Don't forget that if you double click on one of the photographs you can view the them as a larger slideshow. 

 This snap was taken to remind me to investigate 'poor man's pewter'

 Our own branch shield, made by Maureen Hindes, and beneath it the tablecloth made by the people who were members at the 75th Anniversary of the Yorkshire Branch @ Leeds (or was it the 60th?). Each member embroidered a square and included her name

 A close up of the leaves on the shield.

 The background of the hanging is handmade felt

 Nidderdale's exhibition space

 Not sure which branch this one came from

 or this, the princess and the pea

The winner of the Tin competition at Riccall

 A close up of our table - sorry, it's a bit out of focus

 Our stand

If anyone else took photographs of the exhibition I could include them on the blog if forwarded to me.

See you on Saturday
I've added this photograph again because the first doesn't seem to work in the slide show. If I remove the first from the blog, then the next picture doesn't work. Will try to sort it later



  1. Thank you for sharing these photos of the exhibition. As I live in Australia I am unable to get to these events :-( Unfortunately though I was unable to see a larger version of the top photo. I so would love to be able to see it more closely. It looks very interesting. Your friend Elizabeth x

  2. Welcome to our blog Elizabeth. It's good to know we're being followed by members of the Guild who are not in our Branch. I've added a link to your blog and will try to get that photograph included in the slide show.

    To members in Leeds, Elizabeth keeps in touch with other people in the Guild via the EG Forum


  3. Thank you for adding the new photo so that I could see the larger veiw of the wonderful work done by your memebers. Your Friend Elizabeth xx