Sunday, 30 September 2012

September 2012 Meeting

Welcome back to the new term, and hope everyone had a happy holiday. During the summer Freda made progress with her daffodils and has branched into split stitch for the flower head.

 Jenny has also been working, on a pincushion to give to a friend. She used a synthetic ribbon for the flower head, rather than silk, so that the item can be washed.

The morning sessions are going to be more structured this year and we kicked off to a good start with Hilary running a class on applique......

A new bag to carry samples to the Guild meeting

 The kit and finished sample from Saturday morning's session. We hope that everyone will bring in their finished pieces next month to post on the blog.

Audrey not only brought in a cake to celebrate a significant birthday but also two samples of applique from the branch collection. The crinoline lady teacosy was bought from a charity shop, it's unusual in it's use of applique with the surface stitches. 

The applique below is unfinished and is labelled as Japanese applique. Does anyone know anything about this style of work? Research needed!

Finally, the afternoon speaker, Sue Seeger, was very interesting. She has studied and taught the history of women's dress in great detail and is involved with the costume department at the theatre. She was also involved with Homburgs and designed costume for their shop. Sue gave us a slide show of the development of fashion from about 1850, illustrating how design has been influenced by social history and the march to women's equality.

See you next month, when I hope to have developed the library list.

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