Saturday, 14 July 2012

June Meeting 2012 - Talk by Pauline Bloomfield

This afternoon I visited the Regional Exhibition at Ripley and realised that I can't post photographs of it until I've blogged our June meeting. So, here we go.

Pauline was a very generous speaker who not only handed round all of her exhibits, but also allowed the audience to talk amongst themselves about the pieces they were handling, this is often something we can't do while the speaker continues talking.  She gave us a potted history of her life as an embroiderer and showed both work books and finished embroideries.

Her latest group of work is based on African folklore of the origins of the people on earth.

Below are some of the images from her work sheets, when she realised that she should specialise in textiles

 Pauline explained that as an Art teacher she had to come to terms with teaching pottery and learning how to use a kiln. The 'stones' below are her work from the kiln

Another very enjoyable afternoon!


  1. thank you Barbara for doing this blog, get to resee some of the Pauline`s work.
    I popped into the exhibition yesterday in Ripley, unfortunately my brother arrived to take me out to lunch so did not have long enough there but have quite a few photos which I will load up and look at later

  2. Good morning Margaret. Did you know that if you click on one of the photographs they all come up as a slide show?