Monday, 28 May 2012

May's Morning Meeting 2012

The morning session, where we chat and sew, has been very successful for those who attend. It gives our members a chance to talk about the work they're doing and the opportunity to learn new techniques from one another.

If anyone in the group wants to learn anything in particular, or to pass on a skill we can arrange to do these at the morning sessions.

Jennifer has been embroidering this South African scene

and Freda, who hasn't stitched since school days, is embroidering a daffodil. One of our members suggested she completes the whole picture in stem stitch, then will know one stitch thoroughly.

will we see more of you at next month's morning session?


  1. Sorry to miss this month's meeting, was called away to sort a WI workshop.
    See you in June.

  2. I was also sorry to miss the meeting but had to visit some friends who were over from Australia for a brief time.

    Will you be posting about the talk that happened in the afternoon, really wanted to hear and see it.

  3. Yes Margaret. I will be posting about the afternoon meeting.