Tuesday, 8 April 2014

March Meeting 2014

Last Saturday's morning session was spent learning to make blanket stitch rings without metal rings
Close up of one of the more sparkly rings
Making the rings
This year, those who felt inclined, took on the challenge of making bonnets for prem babies. Above is the pattern and below some of the finished results
Another of the year's challenges is to make something from disposable wooden spoons. Interesting that there are so many ways of decorating these desert spoons. Below is the first entry, from our newest member, Sheila. Keep them coming in, the idea is to display them all at the Flower Show so we have a few months to make more.

Beverley brought in her work in progress, a whole flock of hens. It's encouraging when people expand on the ideas learned at the morning workshop. 

 The next few photographs are the work of Judy Tadman, our speaker for the afternoon. Judy gave us a potted autobiography and how her art work had evolved into rope sculptures. She then produced rope and rug wool and invited us to have a go ourselves. Hope people bring finished results next month. If you need to have another look at how Judy makes her sculptures there's a link to a video here. Go on, have a go.

And finally, the results of the Competition, subject Waterways. There were only two entries this year (shame on you all). Thank you Ruth and Judith. 

Apologies for the spacing on the blog this month, the computer seems to have a mind of its own! See you at the end of the month.

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