Sunday, 27 October 2013

Flower Show 2013

Now that I know some of you actually visit the blog, I've made the effort to a) track down the password to this site and b) find the photographs from the Flower Show (I've also wasted a fair amount of time trying to find the photographs from the August meeting!).

A shot of our stall, showing the fantastic collection of Dresses for Africa. Charlotte is willing to accept more of these at the November meeting, so get those sewing machines out again.

At the Show this year the category of machine embroidery was re-introduced to the competition categories. Our branch scooped the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Highly Commended categories, well done all.

 Hilary won a prize in the crochet category with her bag made re-using plastic carrier bags,
 and a prize for her doll in the toy category.

 This photograph and the next few are shots of our stall at the Flower Show. For those who haven't visited the Show we are invited each year to put on a display of the work the members have done over the past year. The organisers have tried to encourage us to enter the competitions as well, hence the re-introduction of machine embroidery.

 These are entries into the patchwork competition

 Marie's entry in the hand embroidered category

Alwoodley Quilters

 Guild of Lacemakers

 I think this group are called Airedale Spinners, they meet at Armley Mills on Wednesdays, though I'm not sure whether that's every week or not.

The Committee, chilling at the end of the weekend.

The Edible Monster competition entries

and finally one of the entries into the 'any other craft' category. As usual, I don't think I took photographs of all the entries or enough of the display stalls but they should serve as a taster to visiting the real event next year.
Now, the next blog entry should be Riccall, Regional Meeting, where are those photographs?


  1. Wonderful! Thanks for posting those. I've been very interested recently to see what competition pieces etc looked like and this is a great intro for me! I hope to be able to put in some entries for next year's show and look forward to meeting some of you there.

    EB, Sheffield

  2. Do you fancy joining the Guild Elizabeth? We have a branch in Sheffield as well.

    1. I'd love to, but there are often problems with the meeting places.😕

      Please, please, PLEASE take lots of photos of the entries this weekend!

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