Sunday, 16 June 2013

May 2013 Meeting

Rachel Lombard was our speaker at the end of last month. She emphasised the need for notebooks and how expensive materials are not necessary to make beautiful work. I wish I'd taken more photographs of her work but there are more samples on her website. 
 The base fabric for this beautiful bag is brown paper

 A page from Rachel's workbook on Beauty and clinical interventions

A raised work lion produced from a collection of images of lions. Rachel collected lions from many sources, including heraldry and children's books.

Next month's morning session starts at 10.30 and will explore Dorset buttons. Stranded cotton, a needle and a brass curtain ring are all that are required. A reminder too that Leeds Flower Show at the beginning of August has a new category of "Machine Embroidery" in the Crafts Hall. All entries welcome!

The Regional Meeting at Riccall was a great success. The two speakers were very entertaining and our branch won two prizes for "Underground" and two of the embroidery bag raffle prizes.

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  1. thanks Barbara for your latest post the bag has come out beautifully in the photo